Yoga with Bob and Be


Bob and Be have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, 5 years of Astanga Vinyasa yoga with Derek and Radha, both in London and in Crete, and a further 8 years spent studying the Iyengar approach, during which time they worked on the the Iyengar teacher training course with Ruth White. 

After being encouraged by Antonia Boyle to find their own route within a yoga practice, Bob and Be completed the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training course, and later qualified with Phillip Xerri in the Gitananda approach to Pranayama, and with Marten Vermaase and his Tibeten Buddhist approach to meditation.

Bob has qualified as a Diploma Course Tutor with the BWY, and has completed the Certificate in Education with Greenwich University. From this course he has developed a deep interest in the professional approach to teaching and learning and how it can be applied to teaching yoga. Recently he completed a mentoring course with Sheffield College to enable him to better understand the teaching learning relationship between tutor and learner.

Our approach has developed to allow each student to take their own journey through each practice, never forcing a body into a posture, but finding how best each individual can wrap an asana around themselves, and to apply this same approach to all aspects of yoga.

This does not mean that the approach is an easy option, on the contrary, it often takes each individual deeper into the practice being considered as they are challenged to work to their own edge.


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Finding our own way in asana often makes achievement of the less easy postures more achievable.